Juicing Day 15: Halfway Done. Going Nuts!

Today marks the halfway point! It’s all downhill from here! (She says, listening to The Civil Wars and sippin’ on peas and carrots. It’s the new gin ‘n’ juice, trust me on this one.)

To commemorate, I went to Whole Foods and bought a donkey-load of raw nuts for mass nut milk production.

Side note: I just spelled “bought” b-o-t and then corrected it to b-a-u-g-h-t. Clearly there is something in this peas and carrots juice that isn’t vegetable. Shhhhh.

The first batch will be hazelnuts, already taking a pre-gametime soak, a la the ludicrously fratty Ryan Lochte canyoubelievethisguy?

Other nuts pictured here: almonds, cashews, brazil nuts, pistachios

We’ll try them all individually to get to know the flavor of each, and then will come some fun with mixing and matching. This newfound obsession has come at a price, however. And that would be … uh, the actual price. Nuts aren’t cheap! Does anyone know where to go for inexpensive raw organic nuts? Whole Foods has the bulk section, which is great, but it’s still not cheap. We will be sticking to only 1 or 1.5 cups each of nut milk a day, too, since they don’t offer quite the punch of nutrients that our other juices do, and can be high in fat and carbs.

Last night we played a very challenging two matches (four games, 25 pts each) of beach volleyball in our last set of the season (SO SAD!). We came home exhausted, covered in sweat and sand and beaming from ear to ear. Sometimes Chicago gives us gunshots (okay, that’s more than “sometimes” on our block), and sometimes it’s just the best place you could ever ask for.

Feelings and Things

  • I feel wonderful. Nothing special to report!

Juicing Day 14: Boys and Their Nut (Milk)

As I mentioned, my parents were in town earlier this week and made us some amazing juiced gazpacho. I’ve been holding out on this next thing, though, because it is so important to our juicing cleanse that only a whole new post would do it justice. I hope you’re ready, because I can hardly contain myself. My parents also gave us a NUT MILK BAG. I’ll pause to wait for all LOLs to wrap up. Nuts. Milk. Bag. Bah-ha! Okay.

Ready? Oh, good. Ahem. Nut milk bag. Awesome, awesome, awesome.

What this gem of a product is, if you haven’t yet guessed or googled (and undoubtedly gotten some interesting search results) is a fine mesh bag with which you make homemade raw nut milk. You can also use cheese cloth, but a bag is washable, reusable, and generally very convenient. After opening the package, not five minutes later Andy had retrieved a glass bowl and measured out water for our first batch. See, my parents were extra smart and also bought us some raw almonds.

We can definitively say that after 13 straight days of juicing, there is no love like nut milk love. It is creamy, slightly sweet, and fills some nutritional gap or flavor profile we’ve obviously been missing. This will likely be a daily snack from here on out – I think just a cup or so will eradicate our occasional cravings for something more substantial.

I am SO happy right now! Here’s the how-to:

Please excuse my devastating photoshop "skills."

Andy froze the remains for future use in cookies, bars, pastas, and whatever else. I know – hold the phone. Did you catch a theme throughout this post? The theme is ANDY DOING KITCHEN THINGS, and it is something to behold. [Obligatory joke about boys and their nuts] I encourage you all to juice fast your male partners for two weeks and then place in front of them a bag of raw nuts and the nut milk bag with instructions. Please send photos.

Juicing Day 13: Gazpacho

This weekend my parents came to visit, and you know what that means: Free food! Luckily my parents are good for much more than free food (and free laundry), which fall somewhere in the middle-to-bottom portion of the totem pole of Important Parental Traits but are on the totem no less. Obviously, this time there were no delicious shared meal experiences because this time, we juiced. And juiced. And juiced. And my parents watched on in admiration and pity, happily noshing their wine, cheese, and crackers. They did, however, sample every one of our juice varieties and had good, if not bordering-on-great, things to say about nearly all of them.

Four years ago during the last Summer Olympics, my family rented a magical geodesic “dome home” on the shores of Lake Michigan. My brother and sister-in-law, Joe and Lisa, made this Alton Brown Gazpacho recipe that makes you stabby when you’re making it because it is so much chopping and mincing. Not to worry – it brings on a peace treaty immediately upon consumption because it is that good. My mother, forgetting said stabby state, decided she wanted to commemorate our family Dome Home trip by once again making the famed Gazpacho. Indeed, stabbiness was felt by all, which is never a good thing when there are actual stabbing utensils in use. But in the end it was worth it.

I am happy to announce that if you convert this into a juicing recipe, the taste is phenomenal and the preparation is easy! My parents made this juiced meal for us in addition to their regular-style gazpacho, and it has been my favorite vegetable juice recipe thus far.

The makings of gazpacho juice. No chopping required! Ignore the coffee in the background. That’s for the humans who entered our home and dared to consume normal food.

Full disclosure: We did NOT include the olive oil, but we did add into the juice the worcestershire sauce and salt (gasp!). This was my first conscious cheat, and Andy’s second, since he got a juice from a juice bar that also included worcestershire. Oh, alright, dammit. It’s my second conscious cheat as well because last week I consumed this whole grape:

Size gauge: those white things to the right are bell pepper seeds. It is the world’s smallest.

Anyways … GAZPACHO!

Feelings and Things

  • Feeling super! No complaints, and really no cravings yet today.
  • Weight loss is tapering. I lost .5 lbs in the past two days. This is normal, and I think it also has to do with being more active and my body recognizing the need to store up more energy.