Let’s Do That.

Not to brag, as I know your Thanksgivings are all as exciting as mine has been, but I bet yours didn’t include the following conversation:

Sister: Have you ever taken those online tests that tell you how fast you can type?

Me: Yes.

Sister: Let’s do that tonight.

We’re pretty excited for it.

So here is to you this Thanksgiving, whether your living room is strewn with passed out family members, or you’re in line at Best Buy waiting to brawl Black-Friday-Style, or you Googled “chicago thanksgiving dinner restaurants 2012” and ended up at Ann Sather meeting some pretty sweet strangers (by the way, our sweet strangers – Jerry and Julia – are pictured below).

Be thankful. Be Giving. Be well!

p.s. Yeah, I did wear that sweater again!



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