Juicing Day 18: Taking Supplements While Juicing

Before I get into it – there’s a Groupon deal today* for the Dash Premium Juicer in case any of you have been pondering a purchase and don’t want to lay down more serious bank. (Thanks, Megan!)

I get a lot of questions about “filling in gaps” during our juicing cleanse. While I don’t think supplements are an absolute necessity during a juice fast, we do take some every day. We have a pretty sweet “pill packing” system involving a saran wrap roller from Home Depot, too, so we have a 30-day stash of grab-and-go supplements instead of having to fill a pill case, which don’t even fit everything we take in a day.

Here is what we’re rollin’:

  • Omega-3 Fish oil
  • Flax seed oil
  • Resveratrol – This makes you live forever. No questions, just trust.
  • Cinnamon supplement – This helps keep blood glucose levels lower, which is especially helpful during a juice fast when you’re consuming a lot of sugar from fruit. We take trunature® CinSulin®.
  • Cayenne – The higher the heat, the more effective. This cleans you out real good-like. We take a capsule of 100,000 heat units. You can mix regular cayenne pepper with a little water and shoot it down (we’ve done this and it’s not that bad), but most cooking-grade cayenne peppers are only about 30,0000-40,000 heat units. You can find 90,000+ loose cayenne pepper, but it might not feel so nice going down the gullet.

Rarely or never used (but we have it on hand):

  • Protein powder – We have used a single scoop of protein powder thus far. You just don’t need it, even with exercise. Plenty of protein comes from the juices, and green juices especially pack a punch of amino acids. Now that we’re having nut milk, too, we are completely set.
  • Natural laxative or Psyllium husk – We have the meetyourherbs™ supplement, which contains dandelion root, chicory root, fennel seed, caraway seed, boldo leaf, cumin seed, and fennel seed essential oil. I only used it a couple times in the beginning and have been fine since, but it’s good to have on-hand, I guess. Psyllium husk is another natural laxative, and we have it in “powder” form, which in actuality would be better deemed “weedwhacked hay.” It doesn’t dissolve or mix well into drinks and I hated how it felt in my throat, so I never actually use it.

That’s it!

*Still not getting paid for this, dangit!

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