Juicing Day 30: THE LAST DAY

This is it. The final day of our 30-day juice cleanse. Solid “real” food awaits us on the other side of today, and we are pretty dang excited about it.

We flew to Denver yesterday to surprise Andy’s mother for her 60th birthday (Edna screamed a lot. It was precious). Luckily, they own a juicer, so we’ve been able to keep up the gig to the very end, EVEN through the open house birthday party today with cake (which didn’t draw me in, shockingly), candy (also no craving there), and some extremely tasty-looking appetizers, some of which involved smoked salmon (now those I wanted to pounce on).

Tonight we will break our fast at midnight if we can manage to stay up that late, and tomorrow Andy and I are driving into the Rocky Mountains to picnic, lolligag, and experience extreme mountain happiness. I’m smiling just typing that.

For now, I leave you with this photo of our final juiced meals – three of our favorites to end it on a high note:

Meals for the final day: pure apple, sweet heirloom tomato (heirloom tomatoes, sweet bell pepper, chili peppers, cilantro), and pure strawberry

3 thoughts on “Juicing Day 30: THE LAST DAY

  1. Awesome…So proud of you guys and excited to possibly try this myself one day. As in, some day. juicing for only one day would just be silly.

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