30 Days of Juice: All Our Data Are Belong To You

It’s a free-for-all!

Use this information wisely, not because it will necessarily benefit you, but because it is me posting my weight on a public forum and somehow I feel like that’s really dangerous. Like, someday down the road when I’m 106 I’ll be happily rocking on the front porch with my Hendrick’s and tonic and one of my great, great grandchildren will phone me from his arm or ear lobe or wherever they’re embedding phones those days (if phones even exist. More likely he’ll ring me up with his BRAIN ALONE), and he’ll be all “Grandma, I’m writing a research paper on ancient caveman wall scribbles they called “blogs,” and turns out you weighed 208 lbs?!? That’s not even legal. How did you manage to smuggle so much butter? I heard McDonald’s used to be one of the greatest offenders of human health and longevity, but I assumed you lived well after the banning of sugar, oil, and artificial dyes. So I’m going to have to take you in.” And then I’ll just die. And my sweet, innocent 5-year-old grandson will take a puff of his joint, pull out his pocket laser and vaporize my body on the spot. I should just erase this entire blog right now.

This sucker has pretty much all of our data from the juice fast, minus cost calculations (which I DO have – just not in the spreadsheet … yet).

A quick preview below, or click here for the actual document.

Custom Recipes

Performance Tracker

Weight Tracker

you didn't see nuthin'

10 thoughts on “30 Days of Juice: All Our Data Are Belong To You

  1. Mom’s one of the few people who would look at spreadsheets and then say “vulnerable and authentic”. I find this post datalicious and inforgasmic! (those terms are now copyrighted by me)

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