From the Depths of My Weird Heart

Going through years of hoarded memories during this move has been an enthralling and enriching experience. Did I mention we’re moving? That Andy’s already gone? That I get to pack up the two-bedroom apartment we’ve lived in four years and it’s scary how many receipts I’ve managed to save over that period of time and yet whenever I need a receipt to return something it is NOWHERE TO BE FOUND? Hey, self. Why didn’t you check behind the stove? There’s TONS of room for receipts back there!

Something I did find: An album of senior photos of my high school friends, each with a written message on the back. Direct quote from one of my biggest-ever crushes in the history of Debbie’s millions of pretty big crushes:

“You’re definitely one of the weirdest people I’ve met.”

From the depths of my weird, weird heart, that made me laugh hard and feel so proud of that girl for letting her weirdness be what it was, even around the boys she tried to impress. You know who you are (no you don’t).

Message to the little ladies and gents: Be who you are. It will always be your best bet.

p.s. The guy who wrote that? Totally wanted to do me. Just sayin’.

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