Juicing Day 2: DJ Spin Me Some Sick Hot Beets!

We went to see The Dark Knight Rises today and I stowed a jar of “Deep Red Heart” juice in my purse. It tastes like liquid Sweet Tarts and thus is the perfect substitute for a movie-going-sized box of actual candy.

On the way out, a very pregnant Kristen Cavallari was standing next to me waiting for an elevator and then happened to have parked near us in the garage, so I took this completely non-creepy, totally identifiable photo:

Photo is available to select news affiliates. Price upon request.

She is the white blur in the middle. Like I said, not creepy. And do not tell me Jay Cutler’s unborn baby doesn’t count!

Today’s menu had some nice variety, but what I want to highlight is BEETS, or more specifically, their color:

Gorgeous, no? Or at the very least, distracting enough to guzzle down 16 oz without wanting to vom?

The Juicing Bible recipe naming conventions range far and wide, but are almost always creative. Take, for example, concoction sobriquets like “Autumn Refresher” (delightful!), “Allium Antioxident,” and “Rust Proofer #1” (and #2). But for the lovely beet, perhaps in testament to its own creative nature, the best they could come up with was “Beets.” Just “Beets.”

Beets are … beets are earthy. They aren’t bad, per se, but they are lacking in that “Pass the sugar, please” kind of way. If you should venture to drink beet juice, remember that beets are used as very effective dye agents. Meaning they will dye any and everything that beautiful shade of dark fuscia. Meaning they will … you know what, just go drink some beet juice and know that adventure awaits.

Feelings and Things
I woke up this morning expecting to be broken out in disgusting boils and hives, my immune system having been so rudely awoken from its hum-drum “oops-there-goes-the-e-coli-virus-oh-well-we’ll-get-the-next-one” mentality by the force of a gazillion enzymes. I expected to be seeping with toxins and all kinds of nasty, and the truth of the matter is, I feel just fine, albeit disappointed that I’m not being reborn from within yet.

Other notables:

  • Some nausea in the evening
  • Nearly clawed our t.v. screen when any food was shown, ever

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