Juicing Day 3: Overabundance or Underindulgence?

Today we realized we bought double the produce we are likely to consume in the next week. Just another happy accident along the happy accident-laden road to juicing enlightenment.

We calculated our produce based on some blog I’d seen somewhere that mentioned six juices a day. So, we carefully selected three recipes from ye olde juicing bible to try each day and simply doubled that twice since there are two of us.

As it turns out, I’m having trouble keeping up with even half that much (Andy is not), and we have collectively decided the only solution is to build a juice bong and get those suckers down in 6 seconds flat. Or we could re-assess our recipe strategy to consume the produce likely to go bad earlier in the week, which would involve going through all the ingredients of all the 20-some recipes we have slated out, and reconfiguring our awesome spreadsheet and blah blah blah. Which sounds more fun? (Hint: get a life, Excel nerds*).

This whole overabundance of life-giving fruit thing is actually a good thing, looking at it from a cost perspective. However, the view is decidedly different from right in front of the refrigerator:

So … who needs beets?

Feelings and Things

  • Felt fine all day
  • Too. many. beets.
  • Trivia tonight at a pub – surrounded by friends with beer and food – proved to be agonizing.
  • I’ve been sleeping like a baby! That is so abnormal for me.


*I am one such nerd.

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