Juicing Day 10: Checking In

My, how time flies when you spend it all handling produce. We are on Day 10 and I can hardly believe we are one third of the way done! I thought I would check in after a really good weekend and give a quick update on the state of the union (between juice and human).


Andy: -11 lbs

Debbie: -11.5 lbs

Amazing, right? Even more interesting is that we’re both down such similar amounts, even though A) My metabolism is much slower than Andy’s, and B) I have a bunch of junk to lose, as opposed to Andy’s non-existent excess. He is already at his goal weight and from here on out will be working on not losing any more. I suspect the nearly equal weight loss is due in large part to water weight and the initial spike in loss you see at the beginning of most weight loss programs.

I feel much lighter. I walk and sit taller. It has made a big difference.


On Friday (Day 7), our beach volleyball team said we were “glowing,” and I’ve heard it a few times since. Given that I have pale, sensitive skin (and rosacea, which gives me a nice reddish hue that can flare up at the drop of a hat), that says a lot. Indeed, my skin is better than it has been in years. I never really had that “breakout” phase I’ve read so much about with these cleanses, although when I was dehydrated, I did notice my face was less smooth. This cleanse has been a huge win for skin.


Today was the first day I didn’t wake up ready to eat. I wasn’t full by any means, but there was no rumbling tummy going on. Halfway through my juice (“Apple Beet Pear”), I felt full. I feel completely satiated when I have juice, and when I need it, I need it or I’ll crash fast. We’re still eating three large (16 oz) juices a day, and usually about two 4-6 oz snacks outside of that.

The cravings can be tough. If I get a whiff of bbq, forget about anything else, it’s all I can think of for the next minute. Aside from meat, my other biggest craving is for CRUNCH. For example, kale chips or almonds easily sound more appetizing than fries right now (that could change if said fries were fresh and placed directly in front of my face).


I am getting some of the best sleep I’ve ever gotten, which feels unreal to type because I have been an extremely light sleeper and regular insomniac since I can remember. This might be the biggest boon to the cleanse so far. Sometimes I have too much energy to fall asleep right away, but once I’m out, I am OUT. What’s amazing is I wake up feeling rested and ready to go after a good stretch.

My muscles are so much more relaxed, and this was a hugely unexpected benefit. I feel like this is what I am supposed to feel like.


Super high. LSJefpoaiecn;alknd;lvjd;ojuvlne;lkawnSEEICAN’TTURNITOFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For real, though. It’s up there.


  • Our tongues are white on top. I’ve read these are toxins leaving the body, but I don’t buy it. It’s not gross, doesn’t taste bad, nor give us bad breath, but it does look weird, and it does not go away with brushing.
  • My sister asked me if I had whitened my teeth. When I told her I hadn’t she and then everyone else in the room began oggling my chompers, saying they looked ridiculously white. I have no idea if it is or even could be a result of the juice, but when I looked in a mirror, I will admit: They looked pretty dang white.

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