Juicing Day 20: Anatomy of a Fresh Juice

Well, if it ain’t our 20th day of juicing! What can I say I’ve learned so far? Probably number one is this: If you don’t like a vegetable, chugging it in its juiced form will not make you grow to like it. I am going to say it outright: I am SO SICK of vegetables. Fruits? No problem! Give me all of the fruits! I will drink all of the fruits and be the merriest berry there ever was. But our green juices are just making me want to vom every. single. time. That’s not exciting when over half of the juices we make are veggie-based because, you know, sugar.

Today I thought I would share with you the anatomy of a juice. Pretty simple, really.

3 thoughts on “Juicing Day 20: Anatomy of a Fresh Juice

  1. I really like green drinks that you can buy at the store like “green goodness” and “green machine”, but I often find them too sweet. I don’t even own a juicer so I have no idea how to make them, but I would think you’d want to mix greens with fruit to even out the grass flavor. I actually like wheat grass shots. Are they still hard to drink when you mix them with fruit?

    • I find those yummy, too. They also aren’t actually juice, but rather are fruit smoothies, which is why they are so thick and sweet, usually combined with bananas, apples, and/or other fruits. A lot of our green juice recipes do include some fruit (usually apple since its flavor is mild), and it does help a little. But sometimes we just need less sugar, so we opt for nastier drinks that will give us no sugar, a ton of micronutrients, and momentary nausea. 🙂

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